I graduated from the University of Málaga, Spain, in 2018, where I completed my BSC in Health Engineering with a specialization in bioinformatics. In 2019, I received my MSc in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. Subsequently, I started a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the same university.


Feel free to check out my Github page for more projects (and experiments) I'm working on:

  1. jMetalPy — A framework for single/multi-objective optimization with metaheuristics github doi
  2. Sequoya — Solving Multiple Sequence Alignment (MSA) with distributed MOEAs github doi


I am currently working on the application of semantic web technologies for domain knowledge injection in machine learning and optimization algorithms. My research interest includes (but are not limited to):

Evolutionary algorithms · Multi-objective optimization · Parallelization · Distributed algorithms · Semantic Web technologies


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  • Antonio Benítez-Hidalgo, Antonio J. Nebro, José García-Nieto, Izaskun Oregi, Javier Del Ser (2019). jMetalPy: A Python framework for multi-objective optimization with metaheuristics. SWEVO. doi
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Please take a look at my Google Scholar or dblp profile for a complete list of my latest publications.